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"An insightful interpreter with incisive direction, an understanding of historical style and an instinct for dramatic gesture, Symeonidis shapes a reading of the score which does not rush but on the contrary allows the internal pulse of the music to be heard". [Eleftheroptypia 7/02/07]




"The concert of the Athens State Orchestra on the 7th November in the Megaron Mousikis was particularly pleasing. Under the directorship of Vladimiros Symeonidis the orchestra played Gustav Mahler’s Sixth Symphony in a manner that confirmed its skill". [Kathimerini 15/11/09]




"There is no doubt that during the years since Vladimiros Symeonidis has taken over the ERT Symphony Orchestra its performances have reached another level. Yet one more time, on the 5th April in the Megaron Mousikis, the orchestra in spite of its weaknesses became a balanced ensemble whose development is particularly pleasing, especially considering that a few years ago it was languishing in a long-term inertia." [Kathimerini 27/4/08]




"Under the baton of Vladimiros Symeonidis the ERT Symphony Orchestra continues to improve, developing for the first time qualities such as a cohesive and balanced symphonic sound". [Eleftheroptypia 5/3/08]



"The ERT Symphony Orchestra gave their first concert of a new season at the Megaron Mousikis, surprising us with the high quality of their delivery under the artistic directorship of their conductor Vladirimos Symeonidis". [Eleftheroptypia 27/10/09]




"The return of Vladirimos Symeonidis to the podium was very pleasing, if only for one concert on 11 December in the Christos Lambrakis Hall. His work with the ERT Symphony Orchestra during the 5 years from 2006-2011 had reaped rewards and it is a shame that there was no continuation. Athenian musical life was deprived of a valuable conductor and the ERT Symphony Orchestra once again disappeared from view".[Kathimerini, 5/1/13]












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